Fair Chance 2010 gears up

Some of you have been following our plucky little community intiative Fair Chance 2010. You’ll be delighted to hear we’re moblizing again for a massive public campaign leading up to municipal election day.

We are about to unveil something unprecedented in Canada: a comprehensive video overview of the candidates running for City Council. Head to www.fairchance2010.ca for your chance to get informed about your options.

We have been working with Rogers TV to record video greetings from nearly EVERY candidate running for Councillor in EVERY ward. Very shortly, all of those videos will be available for viewing on our website. So sit down with your coffee, click on the videos and find out who wants to do what to improve this great city.¬†We’ve also included links to websites the candidates have set up to spell out their platforms.

Our committee started out last Spring, hoping we could engage people and encourage newcomers to get involved and run for office. The turnout? A record number of candidates registered.

Now we’re counting on you … the voter. It’s time to get engaged in the local level of government again. It’s time to find out who’s out there and how they hope to help. It’s time to get out and vote and make a difference!



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