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Steve Jobs: The Master Storyteller

He revolutionized technology, sending shockwaves through countless industries. Visionary, engineer, CEO, innovator … those are some of the labels being attached to Steve Jobs as we mourn his death. But from my perspective, there’s another invaluable skillset he mastered: Steve Jobs spun incredible corporate stories. He understood how to engage the consumer, the business world and the media. He embraced the value of a simple, elegant message and a stylish, flawless performance. His industry presentations were legendary and a quick look at this video shows you why …

As Leonardo da Vinci said: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Simple, straightforward words. No jargon. Beautiful images. Very little text to clutter up the visual impact. A genuine excitement about his brand and his products. Pitch perfect delivery and pacing.

Now think about your last presentation to colleagues or clients. Did it sing like a Jobs presentation?

If you think it’s simply a matter of ‘not having that talent’ … think again. Jobs didn’t always present like this. He learned all of the skills you see on display here. He developed an intimate knowledge of the fundamentals … and then he spent hours practising.

If you are about to ‘take the stage’ — any stage — you could learn a great deal by studying the Master Storyteller: Steve Jobs.

He will be missed.


Exercise your right

X marks the vote

I know what you’re thinking and I don’t dispute it: this has been a less-than-inspiring Ontario election campaign. That tends to happen when the two front-runners hang their pitch on platforms that are virtually identical on all the big files. But we are headed into decidedly dicey fiscal territory … and you should have your say on who you believe should be navigating. Take the five minutes that are required to vote.

Then check in with me on RogersTV tonight. We’ll have all the local results from 9 – 11pm.


Into the wild

Happy New Year!

I hope you were able to take some down time with family and friends over Christmas. Relax … reflect … recharge. I had a wonderful break and was able to take some time to think back over the past year … a fascinating year of challenge and change and reinvigoration. I am truly grateful for having amazing people around me who helped me recognize a tremendous career opportunity. If you’ve done it, you know: it’s not easy to step out of your ordered life, take your first tentative steps toward a new path … and then strike out into the wild. Not easy … but good for the soul.

The brain re-engages and you realize how much there is to learn … and how much you really know.

Now onward … into undiscovered country … 2011. I don’t know about you … but I can’t wait to start charting the territory …

Here’s to a happy, healthy and prosperous year!



If you don't vote, don't complain

"If you don't vote, you lose the right to complain"
Go to a dinner party, talk to a colleague, turn on talk radio … and it’s clear: virtually everyone is ready to throw in their two cents about what’s right and what’s wrong in this city. But why should we be allowed to complain if we don’t even bother to do our civic duty and vote on election day?

The countdown is on … this Monday, October 25th, you get to have your say about who will sit around the council table at Ottawa City Hall. But here’s the sad reality. Based on voter turnout last time around (which was actually considered quite high, if you can believe it) nearly half or us won’t take the time to stop in at a polling station and cast a ballot. That’s right. Half of the taxpayers in this city don’t vote.

Half of the people at that dinner party likely didn’t bother to speak up at the polls. Half of the colleagues you talk to didn’t actually cast a ballot. Half of the people calling in to a radio host to moan about the state of civic affairs likely didn’t vote. 

You get what you ask for. We can lament all we want about the need for change, but if we don’t assume the responsibility to try to make it happen, what can ever get fixed?

So my blunt message to those of you who don’t live up to your end of the democratic bargain: if you don’t vote, you have absolutely no right to complain.

Let’s get informed … let’s mobilize … and let’s have our say on Monday. You can find out everything you want to know about the ward candidates at our community website 

And tune into Rogers Cable 22 on Monday night at 8. See you there …


SBC Inc has launched!

We’ve popped the champagne to celebrate … now it’s down to business. SBC Inc is officially operational after a celebratory launch party in Ottawa on October 7th. Many thanks to my colleagues who came to help me kick things off in style.

Special thanks to the very talented Michelle Valberg for taking some time away from the party to take a few wonderful shots!

Take some time to look around the website. I’ve had a lot of compliments and questions about the design of it. I can’t say enough about the web design firm behind the site: 

Steph Seguin, the owner of the company, had an uncanny ability to turn words like ‘simple’, ‘contemporary’ and ‘elegant’ into big bold images and a fabulous-looking website.

I would strongly recommend his company to anyone looking for creative, quality work — on time and on budget.

Stay tuned … I’ll be adding posts regularly.



Fair Chance 2010 gears up

Some of you have been following our plucky little community intiative Fair Chance 2010. You’ll be delighted to hear we’re moblizing again for a massive public campaign leading up to municipal election day.

We are about to unveil something unprecedented in Canada: a comprehensive video overview of the candidates running for City Council. Head to for your chance to get informed about your options.

We have been working with Rogers TV to record video greetings from nearly EVERY candidate running for Councillor in EVERY ward. Very shortly, all of those videos will be available for viewing on our website. So sit down with your coffee, click on the videos and find out who wants to do what to improve this great city. We’ve also included links to websites the candidates have set up to spell out their platforms.

Our committee started out last Spring, hoping we could engage people and encourage newcomers to get involved and run for office. The turnout? A record number of candidates registered.

Now we’re counting on you … the voter. It’s time to get engaged in the local level of government again. It’s time to find out who’s out there and how they hope to help. It’s time to get out and vote and make a difference!





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