Steve Jobs: The Master Storyteller

He revolutionized technology, sending shockwaves through countless industries. Visionary, engineer, CEO, innovator … those are some of the labels being attached to Steve Jobs as we mourn his death. But from my perspective, there’s another invaluable skillset he mastered: Steve Jobs spun incredible corporate stories. He understood how to engage the consumer, the business world and the media. He embraced the value of a simple, elegant message and a stylish, flawless performance. His industry presentations were legendary and a quick look at this video shows you why …

As Leonardo da Vinci said: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Simple, straightforward words. No jargon. Beautiful images. Very little text to clutter up the visual impact. A genuine excitement about his brand and his products. Pitch perfect delivery and pacing.

Now think about your last presentation to colleagues or clients. Did it sing like a Jobs presentation?

If you think it’s simply a matter of ‘not having that talent’ … think again. Jobs didn’t always present like this. He learned all of the skills you see on display here. He developed an intimate knowledge of the fundamentals … and then he spent hours practising.

If you are about to ‘take the stage’ — any stage — you could learn a great deal by studying the Master Storyteller: Steve Jobs.

He will be missed.